​I am a Mediocre Programmer and that's OK

Sometimes, impostor syndrome kicks in. I feel that after all these years, I haven’t improved as much as I hoped for.

I have been writing software for 13 years. I am mainly a .NET guy, starting out my career making windows-based apps. Now I create websites using .NET and mostly angular 1.x on the front-end. I recently am loving TypeScript and use it each chance I get.On my free time I contribute to open source by writing my own or helping others.

And then I think about guys like Damien Edwards (SignalR), DHH (Ruby on Rails), Rob Eisenberg (EmberJS), Miguel de Icaza (MONO/Xamarin), Linus Torvalds (Linux/Git), and all the other famous devswho created X. People who make great software and imagined them doing everything I am doing, only 1000 times better.

I am a mediocre programmer. And you know what? I dont care. It means I am just part of the 90% of developers out there. Average. 9% consists of the shitty ones, and 1% are the Torvalds-class.

All of this just means Istill have room for improvement. Which is a good thing. Keeping a Learner’s attitude is niceand it’s what I intend to do.It’s hard to fill a glass that’s already full.

I acknowledge this and accept it wholeheartedly. Because *what’s important is we are having fun *at what we do. So, Keep writing software, play around with new stuff, learn old stuff or whatever floats your boat.

Who knows maybe one day you accidentally write the next (insert new hotness here).

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