Farewell, MonoDevelop

I’m giving up on you, MonoDevelop. sigh, I really hoped that it would work between us. I really tried working around your flaws. The unwanted code formatting you forcibly shove down my throat which causes more keystrokes than necessary. Or the most basic using statements you neglect to serve when I try to consume known classes. I was even ready to give your DNX add-in a second chance but after seeing it didn’t follow the yeoman aspnet5 folder structure, I was sure you did it to mock me.

Jetbrains’ Rider is just too young for an affair. The popular code editors like Sublime, Atom, and VS Code are really good, but I still would like to work with sln and csproj files because I’m sentimental that way. So now I have no choice but to crawl back to Visual Studio. She seems even more enticing now with her Tools for Docker integration. My decision is final. So until your next major update, Goodbye, MonoDevelop.
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