VS2017 Introduces Go To All

In addition to the already existing phenomenal search and navigation features in Visual Studio, the VS team finally implemented the Go To All.

gotoall The ‘Go To All’ Popup

Prior VS versions attempted this feature in the form of ‘Navigate To…’. But it was too slow to even be usable specially in large solutions. People usually end up using ‘Find in Solution’ – the proverbial hammer to solve all navigation problems.

NavigateTo.png Navigate To.. is slow specially in large

If you have used Jetbrains Resharper before (and other Jetbrains products), you will definitely appreciate this feature. This is perhaps the main reason why I use Resharper. Now that it landed on Visual Studio 2017, I can be free from Resharper. In many ways, the VS version even feels superior.

resharper-vs-nativegotoall Reshaper (Left) and Visual Studio 2017 Go To All (Right)

In my current keyboard mapping scheme (Visual C# 2005), I needed to configure the shortcut for this – but maybe that’s just me. My co-worker reported that Ctrl+T worked for him out of the box. In any case, its super easy to set it up. Just hit Ctrl+Q and enter “keyboard” to take you to Keyboard Mapping options. Then search Edit.GoToAll and assign Ctrl+T. OK your way out of the boxes and you’re golden! Why Ctrl+T? No reason. I just followed Resharper’s lead. You can choose any shortcut key you want though.

AssignCtrlT Assign Shortcut Key

By default, the ‘Go to All’ popup searches all occurrences of the string. Filter it even further to clean up the results and its very easy. For example, if you want to search the file /Web/Controllers/HomeController.js, just enter “f homecontroller”. Other search options are below.

# Symbols 
: LIne 
? Shows this list 
f Files 
m Members 
t Types

Conversely, if you want to be more visual about it, you can click on the icons on the top of that nice Go To All popup to achieve the same results. Two buttons on the side allow you to personalize your overall experience.


How do you find this Go To All feature? Is it useful for you or not really? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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